WIRTH Directional Drilling Rigs

Main Applications:
Trenchless laying of

  • Steel pipes
  • Plastic pipes
  • Cable and fiberoptic cable

Directional drilling means directed, controlled horizontal drilling.

Drilling operations up to 1.5 m in dia., and have 1800 m in length have been executed successfully.

These operations can be carried out both in individual lines and in line bundles, depending on the requirements and/or the machine capacity. This technique is ecologically beneficial and reduces execution time. For the user, this means cost saving at an increased efficiency.

The Wirth-Power Bore rigs represent the most modern status of the machine-building industry.

  • Hydraulic system with load sensing control for a maxima performance at minimal fuel consumption.
  • Sound encapsulation acc. to ISO 6394 < 76 dBA
  • Appliction in all soils
  • Sturdy, field-tested, menue-assisted operation, centrally controlled via monitor in the control desk
  • Drilling parameters selectable via key input, thus, optimizing the penetration rate at simultaneous securing of drill pipe and tools.

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Learn more about Powerbore at www.wirth-europe.de.

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