Votec Hydraulic Service, Inc. offers 30 years of experience with foundation drilling equipment, & hydraulic systems in the construction and oil industries. We can supply you with a Drilling Rig, Pile Top Dilling Rig, Rotary Drilling Rig and many more Drilling Rigs.

  • Ability to design and build new hydraulic systems.
  • Troubleshoot and repair existing equipment.
  • Consultation for special projects.
  • 30 years of experience with European Foundation Drilling Equipment.
  • Consultant and representative for American Commercial Inc.and Wirth GmbH, a European leader in Foundation Drilling Technology.
  • Service for Wirth Drilling Equipment.



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American Commercial Inc.
Consultant & Representative
Wirth GmbH
Consultant & Representative

2405 A South Houston Ave. - Humble, Texas 77396 - USA
+1-281-540-7772 - FAX +1-281-540-7741

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